Spirit of Beauiieu Port Andraitx
Spirit of Beauiieu Port Andraitx
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind

Dates and Availablity  -  All dates are 2017

RYA Start Yachting

March 3th - 5th Closed
March 10th - 12th Closed
March 17th - 19th Closed
March 24th - 26th Closed
March 31st - April 2nd Closed

April 21st - 23rd


May 5th - 7th

Fully Booked
May 19th - 21st Fully Booked
June 2nd - 4th Fully Booked
June 9th - 11th Only Two Places available  available Start Yachting or ICC
June 23rd - 25th Fully Booked
July 7th - 9th Fully Booked
July 14th - 16th Two Places Available
July 21st - 24th Fully Booked - Long weekend suitable for Comp Crew

September 1st - 3th

September 8th - 10th Fully Booked
September 15th - 17th Fully Booked
Sept 29th Oct 1st Fully Booked
October 13th - 15th Places Available
October 20th - 22nd Fully Booked
October 27th - 29th Places Available
  Addition dates by arrangement

RYA 5 Day Courses - Southampton

Competent Crew - Day Skipper - Coastal Skipper

February 22nd - 27th Closed
March 8th - 13th Closed
March 15th - 20th Closed
March 22th - 27th Closed
March 29th April 3rd Closed - Wednesday to Monday
April 13th - 18th Closed  - EASTER Thursday to Tuesday
April 18th - 23rd Closed - Tuesday to Sunday

April 23rd - 28th

Fully Booked
April 30th - May 5th Fully Booked - Bank Holiday Weekend
May 7th - 12th Fully Booked
May 14th - 19th Fully Booked
May 21st - 26th Places Availabe - YachtMaster Prep and Exam
May 26th - June 2nd Places Available - Bank Holiday Weekend
June 4th - 9th Fully Booked
June 11th - 16th Only one place available (comp crew or Day Skipper only)
June 18th - 23rd Places Available
June 25th - 30th Fully Booked
July 2nd - 7th Fully Booked
July 9th - 14th Places Available Two Places Available
July 16th - 21st Fully Booked
July 23rd - 28th Fully Booked
August 6th - 11th Fully Booked
August 13th - 18th Fully Booked
August 26th - Sept 1st Fully Booked

September 3rd - 8th

Fully booked
September 10th - 15th Fully Booked
September 17th - 22nd Fukky Booked
September 22nd - 27th Fully Booked- Friday to Wed (comp Crew and Coastal Skip)
October 1st - 6th Fully Booked
October 6th - 11th Places Available - Friday to Wednesday
October 1thth - 18th Places Available - Friday to Wednesday
October 22nd - 27th Fully Booked
Oct 27th  - Nov 1st Places Available (Friday to Wednesday)
November 5th - 10th Places Available
November 12th - 17th Places Available
November 19th - 24th Places Available
  Addition dates by arrangement
Reach 4 the Wind - On-Water Course Booking Form
Booking Form (Standard) Ltd.pdf
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Tel +44 (0) 7831 431197

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