Spirit of Beauiieu Port Andraitx
Spirit of Beauiieu Port Andraitx
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind

Coronovirus (Covid-19) Notice

For the last 20 years, we have tried our hardest to exceed our customers' expectations. A big part of that is by endeavouring not to cancel a course once it has been booked and a deposit paid. In the last 20 years we have only lost two weekends, both through extreme weather events. That of course was before COVID 19 which has just seen us closed for most of 2020 and the early part of 2021


But after a very difficult period during the COVID lockdown we are now very pleased to be open for business and back on the water. We are however taking a very cautious approach as we move forward for 2022.


We are limiting the number of students on board to three individuals or total of four if the group includes at least one couple or two people who do not mind having a shared a cabin, this will mean that no one other than couples or sharing partners will need use a joint cabin.


If you are intrested in any of our courses and/or activities planned for 2022, please get in contact. Any course booked from that date will be undertaken on the understanding the course will only go ahead if the activity is in line with the Government’s guidelines at that time.


Please stay safe, look after each other and follow the Government advice.


We hope to see you all soon


Keith and the team

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