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RYA Day Skipper Practical



5 days Sunday Evening to Frday or Tuesday evening to Sunday or two weekends (one long weekend total 5 days) Maximum students per course per yacht


W​e also offer the Nine Day Intensive Day Skipper - Theory and Practical Course


Previouse Experience Required

5 Days on-board a sailing tacht, 100 miles logged and 4 night hours. A knowledge of basic navigation and sailing ability,



Skippering a yacht for the first time can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. The Day Skipper Practical Course is designed to teach you to “Take Charge” safely and confidently. A skipper does much more than navigate. They are responsible for the complete safety and well being of the yacht and crew.


The Day Skipper Course is aimed at teaching pilotage, navigation, seamanship, weather forecasting, victualling, engine maintenance, sail selection and boat handling up to a standard required to skipper a small cruising yacht by day in familiar tidal waters.


Your instructor will demonstrate these skills and you will put them into practice as you skipper the yacht on short passages around the Solent.


There is particular emphasis on boat handling for Day Skippers and during the 5 days you will practice mooring under various conditions. You will live aboard for the duration of the course and visit many different harbours and anchorages to practice your pilotage techniques. You will complete at least 4 night hours sailing to experience night pilotage and identify lights.


At the end of the course you should be confident to skipper a cruising yacht on short passages by day. Students who successfully complete the Day Skipper course are awarded the Day Skipper Completion certificate.

Dates and Availability

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