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Reach 4 the Wind Competent Crew
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Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind

RYA Competent Crew



5 Days Sunday evening to Friday or Tuesday evening to Sunday, or 2 weekends (one three day giving a total of 5 days). Maximum 5 Students per course. Duration can be reduced to a long weekend for holders of the RYA Start Yachting certificate.


Previous Experience Required





Competent crew is the course for the absolute beginner to learn the basics and to enjoy the delights of sailing aboard a cruising yacht. It is also an ideal stepping stone for dinghy sailors to try yachting and for those who have already done some crewing but wish to develop a little further.


We will cover:  


  • The inner workings of the yacht - stowing of gear, safety in the galley, engine, water systems and sea toilets.
  • Safety at sea - flares, man overboard drill, life jackets and safety lines, gas and fire precautions and on deck safety.
  • Basic Seamanship - boat handling, both under sail and power, sail handling, the various mooring and anchoring techniques and rope handling.
  • Navigation - simple course setting, navigation hazards, basic rules of the road and basic Meteorology


Details of the “Competent Crew” syllabus can be found in the RYA publication “Sail Cruising and Yachtmaster Scheme” G158


During the course you will spend all 5 days aboard the yacht visiting many of the harbours and anchorages of the Solent and if the weather allows, complete a longer coastal passage, as well as participating in at least one night sail.


At the end of the 5 days you will have become, as the name suggests, a competent and confident member of the crew.

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