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International Certificate of Competence

The ICC is becoming more of a requirement in European countries (excluding the UK) as evidence of basic competence.  Within the RYA scheme it falls just below the level of Day Skipper practical. Holders of the RYA Day Skipper can apply for the ICC without any further tests.


If you do not hold the RYA Day Skipper certificate you will need to carry out a simple test of basic boat handling, navigation ability and knowledge of the collision regulations to gain the ICC ticket.


If you have no knowledge of navigation or collision regulations then we can arrange for 2 days of intensive shore based tuition. For those with knowledge of navigation, collision regulations and basic boat handling the simplest way to achieve your ICC is to attend a one/two day or weekend practical course (depending on skill level) or book a day of own boat tuition with one of our instructors.


If you have any questions about your suitability for the test please contact us for advice on your best course of action.

Please contact us for availability or Tel +44 (0) 7831 431197


Please note those wishing to venture onto the inland waterways of Europe will require the normal ICC with an added CEVNI test. This test is a multiple choice questionnaire on the various rules and signs seen on inland waterways. The knowledge required for this test can be best learnt by purchasing the RYA book of European Waterway Regulations (G17).

 Tel +44 (0) 7831 431197


RYA Training

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