RYA SRC/VHF Radio Course
RYA SRC/VHF Radio Course
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind
Welcome to Reach 4 the Wind

Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Competence

RYA / MCA Shore Range Certificate (SRC) VHF Radio Course
Duration - 10 Hours plus assessment (2 home study)
Suitable for Beginners - Yes
Assumed Knowledge - None
Course Location - West Midland and various other locations

This enjoyable course covers both the training requirements for the VHF Short Range Certificate and includes the use of a VHF Radio equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC). The minimum duration for the course is 10 hours, no previous knowledge is assumed,


To keep the formal classroom element within a recognised day we have divided the training into two parts: Part a) 2.5 hours’ home study, to support this we will send you a home study pack including the RYA VHF Handbook (G31) by Tim Bartlett, and Part b) 7.5 hours training at our training location in the Midlands.

With the home study pack and the classroom sesson you will cover:
        Types of VHF Radio Sets 
         Basic Calling 
         Channel Allocation 
         Range of operation
         DSC Alerting 
         Distress Alerting and the Mayday call

         Urgency calls

         All Ships Safety calls

The course is a legal requirement for anyone who has or uses a ships VHF or portable VHF Radio.

This replaces the previous VHF Radio Operators Certificate and is part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). All new VHF Radio users need to obtain this certificate to operate their radios safely and legally. Previous VHF certificate holders wishing to operate a DSC radio need to upgrade to the new Short Range Certificate.

Following the course you will need to undertake an assessment (normally 1 to 1.5 hours) this assessment will be arranged by us and will cover both the practical and theory elements . A "Short Range Certificate" is issued to students who successfully complete the course.

As with all our training we aim to run one of the best courses in the UK, with our comprehensive training aids, you will not need to spend the day writing down copious notes, missing useful information. We use Simrad RD68 and Raymarine RAY54E and ICOM DSC training radios.  These training radios are exactly as you would find them on the water, but with only limited transmitting power enabling us use and practice with all the radio functions throughout the day, including voice calls and DSC Mayday, Pan Pan and Safety calls etc 


Ability after the Course


Upon the successful completion of the post course assessment you will have an understanding of radio rules and regulations and be competent and licensed to operate a marine VHF/DSC radio.

Our SRC / VHF courses are normally run in the Midlands and Birmingham area, for groups and yacht clubs, we can come to you at various locations around the UK

Price : Full Course £100.00 Plus RYA Certification Fee £60.00

Course Dates and Location

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